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Marcia Sohn's Personal Page
"Man in Boat"
by Marcia Sohn
From a photograph of a man in a boat. Turned out very nice.
Rendered by
Marcia Sohn

44" x 20"
by Marcia Sohn
A first project.
Tall, slender and lovely. It never ceases to surprise me how many ways irises can be presented. (-:
Resting Geisha
"Resting Geisha"
36" x 27"
By Marcia Sohn

Marcia has an Oriental decor with many windows to fill. Nicely done.. (-:
Geisha and Mirror
"Geisha & Mirror"
21" x 25 "
by Marcia Sohn
A continuation of her developing Asian artwork. Lovely. (-:
Three in the Rain
"Three in the Rain"
by Marcia Sohn
40" x 32"
Marcia is redoing all her windows with woodblock print stained glass windows.
Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy
Marcia Sohn
20" x 24"
39 pieces
Shibui - Japanese for elegant simplicity. (-:
Elegant Entryway
Elegant Entryway
Marcia Sohn
26" x 36"
A first Bevel project for her kitchen door. Very nice.
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