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Yoshinori (Grandpa) Takao's Personal Page 1
2'x 3'
an ambitious second project.
Well done Yoshinori
(Tora = Tiger)
(Ya = House of/Establishment)
2' x 2'
1734 Post Street, San Francisco
(415) 931-5200
"Tiger House"
When Yoshinori came to San Francisco 30 years ago he opened his restaurant in Japan Town and called it Toraya, Tiger House because his wife was born in the year of the tiger.
Now that he is retired he is creating beautiful works in stained glass to remember his Japanese heritage and beautify the restaurant.
Done for the second restaurant"
Completed this one out in
four days.
Yoshinori Takao
"Yoshinori Takao"
Mr. Takao himself (-:
Kabuki Actor
"Kabuki Actor"
When he saw our studio version
of the Kabuki actor,he had
to have one for himself.
(Ken = Kendo (Japanese Fencing)
Shin = Heart, Spirit
4' x 3'
Yoshinori has been a Kendo instructor for more than 30 years and wanted to do a window that embodied it's spirit.
Guardian Angel
"Guardian Angel"
To watch over his granddaughter
2' x 1.5'
For his granddaughter's room at college
Bijin = Beautiful Lady
28" x 40"
Another beautiful rendition of one of our original panels. "sigh" Just beautiful. (-:
Butterflies and Flowers
"Butterflies & Flowers"
24" x 30"
Hand carried to a dear friend in Japan.
A gift of love.
Butterfly Mirror
"Butterfly Mirror"
60" x 24"
A gift to his grandaughter on the occasion of her 21st birthday.
(The butterflies are three dimentional with their wings extending out from the body of the mirror.)
Butterfly and Ladybug Mirror
"Butterfly & Ladybug Mirror"
60" x 24"
O course, you can't make a mirror for one grandaughter without making one for the other as well. (-:
24" x 20"
A gift for someone special. (-:
24" x 20"
A gift for someone special. (-:
Selfish Orchids
"Selfish Orchids"
30" x 24"
Finally made one for himself, but I predict it won't be long before a family member appropriates it (-:
Mina's Angel
"Mina's Angel"
36" x 24"
Yoshinori brought his grandaughter to the shop to choose the colors she wanted. (-:
My Kenshin
"My Kenshin "
36" x 24"
Yoshinori made a smaller version of this original panel for himself. (-:
"Bridge of Japan 60" x 42"
1,357 pieces
5' x 3' 6"
Completed in only 2 1/2 weeks (-:
While searching for his heritage, Yoshinori has embarked upon a monumental journey to create a legacy in stained glass. This is the beginning
Part of the legacy he is creating is for his family. His daughter and son-in-law now operate the restaurant he did for 30 years.
His major works are to be on permanent display at the restaurant.
TORAYA Japanese restaurant
1734 Post Street
San Francisco, CA
He is the most focused artist I have ever seen. We wish to apologize for the poor quality of the photographs. They will never be able to do justice to this magnificent work he has embarked on.
42 x 30
A complimentary panel to be installed with Nihonbashi.
2323 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403
TEL: (650) 372-0527