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Rick & Lee Ellen Dusine's Personal Page
LeeEllen just finished her first project. You can't tell from this picture, but she did a marvelous job on the beak of the hummingbird. ONE long, thin slender piece of glass. Really outstanding for a first project.
LeeEllen is now zoned out with Rick on boxes. We can't wait to see the finished project.
My Daughter's Box
"My Daughter's Box"
12" x 8"
This is Rick's first box. A ring box for his daughter.
Rick is now threatening to do bigger and better boxes.
Fossil Memory Box
"Fossil Memory Box"
Rick inserted a 200~250 million year old Ammonite for a really unique look.
Polar Bear
"Polar Bear"
This one is for Rick's son Brian. I think he's going to use this to use this to entice him into starting in stained glass. Then they'll both have a hobby they can enjoy together. Neat, huh. (-:
(Is that sppelled write?)"
Rick is working in his own shop at home now. We get notifed of what he's up to only when the projects are finished now. (-:
Kid Stuff
"Kid Stuff"
He's got the three kids doing suncatchers now. I thought slave labor had been outlawed. (-:
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