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Bob Giorni's Personal Page
Hungarian Woman
Bob Giorni
42" x 47'
Bob outdid himself with this one. He added many fused elements to stained glass. This photo does not do it justice and HAS to be seen to be enjoyed. Based on a Hungarian rug design.
Tree Frog Treks
Rendered by
Bob Giorni

A very nice gift.

Warm Tropical Sea

"Warm Tropical Sea"
by Bob Giorni
19" x 66"
352 Pieces

A first project

It's as hard to get it right as it is to make the real thing stand still.
Not too shabby (-:
Kynoch Cycles
Kynoch Cycles
by Bob Giorni
24" x 36"
369 pieces

A wonderful interpretation of an early 1900's English bicycle company
advertising poster.
 Rio Grande
Rio Grande
Bob Giorni
20" x 22"
475 Pieces

Bob's friend is a nut for trains. With 475 pieces to be given away as a present, guess who's a nut for stained glass? (-:
Bob Giorni
24" x 54"
88 Pieces

This will be a special triple glazed installation in his front yard.
 The Gourmand
The Gourmand
Bob Giorni
51" x 36"
120 pieces
Totally appropriate as a logo for the Giorni household as anyone who has been to one of their eating festivals knows. (-: In a word, elegant.
 Bob's Monkey
The Monkey
Bob Giorni
29" x 53"
141 pieces
A self-portrait of Bob just hanging around. (-:
 Bob's Owl
Bob's Owl
Bob Giorni
20" x 43"
268 pieces
Bob needed someone to watch over his glass menagerie, therefore......... (-:
 Lady with Pearls
Lady with Pearls
Bob Giorni
25" x 31"
200 pieces
Bob did this as an exercise in adding fused elements to stained glass. The bracelet and pearls are fused dichroic glass. The skin is painted and fused. The panel HAS to be seen to be enjoyed.
41 South Railroad Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401
TEL: (650) 372-0527