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 Current store front
Current Store Front
as of 4/11/98
We're working on it.
We just got our sign up 4/10/98
Look different?
Doesn't look very different
does it?
If you can see through the gloom
and darkness, it's really nice
We have a huge skylight to
brighten up the inside, but
it doesn't show so well in
these pics. We need to work
on our scanning skills.
It's really a warm friendly place.
It's really bright inside, honest!
Standing in the doorway
I told you so.
Our selection of glass in the long box.
Student work stations
Student work stations.
We have five grinders, two with
bevelling capacity and two
band saw stations for students.
A real person!
WOW!.... A real person.
One of our staff working on a
project for the studio.
Another interior shot.
Behind the two stools is our
3' x 5' light table with scrap
glass drawers underneath.
The office and design center
The Office & Design Center.
We have 5 computers, a scanner, three printers including a 36" plotter and all the other bells and whistles needed for turning out our original patterns.
2323 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403
TEL: (650) 372-0527