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Contributing Artists Page 5
Many artists around the United States and the World have purchased our pattern books and are rendering their own interpretations of our designs. We are thrilled and excited to be able to view these different and unique interpretations in stained glass.

The stained glass art on the following pages has been sent to us to post and share with you and is ORIGINAL WORK by the these artists.

If you would like to be included in the ORIGINAL WORK gallery, please send us a photograph by snail mail or as an email attachment to Contributors@BayAreaStainedGlass.Com and it will be our pleasure to post your work.

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Anchor Bay
"Anchor Bay"
20" x 24"
by Lisa Gonzales
Lisa made this panel for her
parents for Christmas last
year. Anchor Bay is a small town on Highway One North of Sea Ranch that her family used to camp at every summer when she was a child, and she has since brought her children to camp there for several summers! It has become a tradition.
Portrait of Valerie Meijer
"Portrait of Valerie Meijer"
Lead Came with airbrushed enamel details
18" x 24.5"
by Dawn Thompson
Lone Polar Wolf
"Lone Polar Wolf" 14.5"x18"
by Julia Protkova
For a friend who is working in the far North.
Guardian Angel
"Guardian Angel"
by Julia Protkova
For new-born baby.
Little Prince
"Little Prince"
by Julia Protkova
It is the only piece she did for herself.
Red Flower
"Red Flower"
by Julia Protkova
A Christmas gift.
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