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Many artists around the United States and the World have purchased our pattern books and are rendering their own interpretations of our designs. We are thrilled and excited to be able to view these different and unique interpretations in stained glass.

The stained glass art on the following pages has been sent to us to post and share with you.

If you have done work from any of our designs, please send us a photograph by snail mail or as an email attachment to BookClub@BayAreaStainedGlass.Com and it will be our pleasure to post your work.
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American Pride
American Pride
by Gerrie Johnnic, Cape Coral, FL
Very well done. (-:
Sun and Moon
Sun & Moon
by Linda M. Nevin, Tampa, Florida
Keep it up Linda, bigger and better (-:
Wolf in the Forest 
Wolf in the Forest
by Paul Buehler
Comment-- My rendition of the Wolf in the Forest is for my wife who is a wolf admirer and the free spirit, courage and sense of mystery they represent.
by Carl Britt
Comment-- A house warming present for two close friends, one of whom is a state trooper.
She told me it was worth a get-out-of-jail-free card.
This is the first piece I completed gluing down the pattern pieces; a method I've since reccommended to all my glass friends.
-Carl Britt-
Japanese Beauty
"Japanese Beauty"
Lisa Macias
We like! We like! (-:
"AI (Love)"
Lisa Macias
Love the Duncan Gluchip! (-:
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